When Simon Pickering contacted us almost 6 months ago for sponsorship of his Peugeot 106 project car we knew the finished car would be something special. When we finally got to see the car at Modified Nationals last weekend it exceeded all our expectations and is easily one of the finest FLI customer installs anywhere in the world.

This great sponsor car is the result of hundreds of hours of labour including a marathon forty hour stint in the workshop to get the car ready in time for Modified Nationals. Simon did all the work himself with help from MSP Auto Paint and finished the install to an immense level – making it the perfect showcase to demonstrate what can be achieved with FLI Audio equipment:

Simon’s 106 contains the following products:

3x FLI 6” Component Speakers
2x FLI 5” Co-Axial Speakers
3x FLI FL900S Amplifiers
4x FLI Frequency 12” Subwoofers
2x FLI FL1200M Amplifiers
1x VIBE DeltaBox Line driver

Simon’s 106 was unveiled in front of a crowd of thousands at Modified Nationals 2011 as part of the Accler8 magazine launch; and the hard work really paid off when Simon was awarded the trophy for Best French Car. From everyone at FLI Audio we want to congratulate Simon on his success and thank him for building such a awe-inspiring FLI car!

If you’re working on a project car and are interested in sponsorship from FLI Audio we would love to hear from you. Click the Contact Us link at the top of the page and tell us all about your car!